Where can I stick my vinyl decals?

You can apply vinyl wall decals almost anywhere! Vinyl wall decals work on any smooth, dry and clean surface: walls (look for wall decals, wall murals or wall appliques), mirrors (stickers for mirror or vinyl decals for mirrors), refrigerators (stickers for refrigerator), laptop covers (vinyl stickers for laptop), tiles, glass (vinyl stickers for tiles and glass), lockers, furniture (vinyl stickers for furniture), accessories, etc.. even you can apply vinyl wall decals to car's windows as well!

 Other surfaces where you can install vinyl wall decals are ceilings, finely finished wood, laminate or sealed concrete floors (stickers for floor but they are generally more thicker), finely finished furniture, smooth metal (stickers for metal), exterior of glass shower enclosures, windows (stickers for windows), doors (stickers for doors), toilet stickers (and other places in your bathroom) light switch surrounds (vinyl stickers for light switches), mirror décor (stickers for mirror décor), fan blades, cabinetry facing, smooth tile, doors, chairs, plastics, refrigerators, dishwashers, toilets, etc.

Can I order a custom wall sticker?

If you can’t find the perfect vinyl wall decal, ask us for a custom wall decal. We have the most fun making custom designed decals for our customers, however due to the volume of custom orders we still keep a right to postphone or reject the custom order request. Give a try and let us know what you have in mind and we will try work up something that you will love. Simply email your request at da@wallstale.com with your design description and size/color specifications. Price will be based on size, number of colors used and complexity of design.

Duration of my vinyl stickers?

Vinyl wall decals have up to 7-10 years indoor durability and 5 years outdoor durability, depending on the surface material it was applied to and weather conditions in your area (dry climates are ideal, but not too much sunny). Note that vinyl stickers placed in direct sun, or areas with moisture/steam (not recommended) may lose their adhesiveness. Vinyl wall decals that are applied to very smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic, porcelain or non-corroded metal will adhere the best if installed correctly.

The removable wall stickers must be stored properly (original backing), dust free to maintain adhesiveness.

Can I reuse my wall stickers?

Vinyl delals available at Wall's Tale Shop are NOT REUSABLE, although are removable (read How do I remove my vinyl wall decals? section belowe). Ones you apply your vinyl wall decal to the surface it is not recommended to reapply it.

How do I remove my vinyl wall decals?

Be gentle! Lift up an edge and very slowly peel up the vinyl sticker. There is always a chance that paint or furniture stain flecks may be removed with the sticker. Depending on the existing condition of surface you have applied the vinyl sticker to and the location and conditions where the vinyl wall decal was applied, we cannot guarantee this paint flecking won’t happen. Thus peel wall sticker carefully. Paint touch ups may be required.
You may try blow-drying the vinyl wall decals (on low heat) and then peel up slowly, the heat will softhen the adhesive side of the wall decal and should help you to remove it easily.

Suitable textured surfaces for vinyl wall decals.

If you are applying your vinyl wall decal to any texture greater than an orange skin (standard drywall finish), we do not recommend our products. Surface stippling or imperfections caused by faux finished paint applications will not allow the vinyl wall decal to adhere properly and may even create punctures in the vinyl. Dry, smooth surfaces of eggshell paint or better are recommended. Wall's Tale Wall Decals will not adhere to oil stained wood furnishings or furnishings cleaned with oil based cleaners. New paint must be dry for minimum one week before to application. WallsTale.com and BabyRoomWallStickers.com does not guarantee the success of vinyl stickers directly exposed to moisture/steam and does not recommend products for exterior use. WallsTale.com and BabyRoomWallStickers.com do not guarantee the success of installation on any surface that is not properly cleaned prior to application. Note also that wall decals will not adhere to wet or moist surfaces.

When will I receive my wall stickers?

Most orders are shipped in 1 to 10  business days depending on the orders line. We ship all orders via Turkish Postal Service (Istanbul, Turkey) and depending on your location, the item should be delivered in 2-5 weeks. A Tracking number will be emailed to you with details after your order will be shipped. For more details please read Shipping section.

Is your vinyl eco-friendly?

Yes! And it is best for kids’ rooms! The vinyl that we are using for decals has been certified a Green Product by Det Norske Veritas for meeting certification standards for process and environmental impact. The raw vinyl, manufactured Oracal, has the greenest process of any vinyl manufacturer. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their process to reduce waste and pollution to offset their environmental footprint.


Where is Color Chart?

Please see color chart at the top horizontal menu or click here.
What you mean by 3 colors,4 colors, etc sticker?

3 colors wall decals means that you have 3 main color in the design that you can change. For example: Tree trunk is light brown(this is 1st color), leaves are lime-tree green (this is 3nd color), and monkeys are brown (this is 3rd color). The colors are linked together so if for example monkey's skirt is soft pink and flowers are soft pink at the design than if you want to change the flowers' color the color for the monkey's skirt (linked color) will change as well.


Can I cut my wall sticker by myself?

Yes! The vinyl sticker material is bendable and can be cut with average household scissors. Cutting your vinyl sticker with household scissors may damage the overall look of the design, thus we suggest our professional die-cut device. Just send us a custom vinyl sticker request to da@wallstale.com.

Is this the last FAQ?

Yes! Enjoy your vinyl stickers by Alex!