Forest Tree Decal with 2 Monkeys, birds and name decal for nursery,kids room, playroom.

$24.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
  • Forest Tree with monkey wall decal and name for nursery
  • tree with name and monkeys for girl's room



Forest Tree wall decal with Two Monkeys, birds and name for boy or girl room decor.

♥ One tree decal,
♥ 2 monkey wall decals (1 sleeping and one over the crib);
♥ 10 birds wall decals
♥ 1 bird house wall decals
♥ 1 name wall decal
♥ free random gift

FOR GIRL version please we add a bows to the monkey if needed.

Approximate visual dimension of Forest Tree wall decal with monkeys is 95,9″ wide x 90″ high (240 cm wide x 230 cm high). Suitable for cribs that are 53" high | 135 cm high. if you have a baseboard please add the measure of the baseboard to the existing 53"/135 cm height. You can also move the branch higher.

Monkey over the crib together with leaves is 10.6" high x 20" wide | 27 cm high x 50 cm wide.
Tree without blowing leaves is 55,9" wide | 142 cm wide.

All details come separately so you can install them as you like (monkeys, name, birds). You can also install monkey over the crib anywhere you like as well, for example - over the changing table.

At checkout please specify:
- 1 color for leaves,
- 1 color for tree trunk, name,birds ,
-color for monkeys (they can be the same as the tree trunk if you wish to have brown tree trunk).
-direction (if default direction is OK just write "default" - where tree is on the right side, for REVERSE to write REVERSED/FLIPPED).
- GENDER of monkeys (bows will be added - please specify the COLOR for the bows)
- NAME (if you don't know the name yet we can ship it later, or we can replace it with more BIRDS).


_______________O U R W A L L D E C A L S ________________
All items are handmade(hand assembled). We use only HIGH QUALITY, LONGLASTING and ECO FRIENDLY German vinyl (no Chinese stickers or other harmfull material) covered with German transfer tape. So no worries - just JOY :) That is not all, our vinyls are fade resistant indoor and waterproof and look like a PAINT :)

All our decals are REMOVABLE (not reusable).

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You can purchase any of the elements of any decal at our shop if you like. Just send me a request!

Wall's Tale Wall decals are high quality artwork.
All of Wall's Tale wall decal is designed and cut at home office.
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