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You are in the right place to choose the wall art for your boy! We design everything that boy's space may need! And if you didn't find what you are looking for we are here to design and make it for you!

✔Jungle branch wall decal with 2 cute monkeys, name, initial and one little owl is a PERSONALIZED wall decal. This decal can be personalized with 2 NAMES and SURNAME (or NAME, SURNAME and date of birth) - all up to you. 
✔ This Tree Branch with Monkeys is totally customizable in terms of overall size. As all parts are installed separately you can create an overall composition as you wish moving the branches, leaves, installing the monkeys, etc in the way you want it. 
✔ Wall decal is produced from material (self-adhesive German vinyl) that sticks to almost any surfaces. And is removable from almost all surfaces (except wall paper, and similar sensitive surfaces).
✔ This Jungle Boy Decal is durable, Eco-friendly die-cut decal, making it perfect for nursery, kids room, play room or even bathroom. 


✔ Size: default size is 72" wide x 40" high. Size is calculated from edge to edge (top to bottom, left to right) as displayed at main picture and includes all elements of the decal.
✔ Colors: This decal has 5 color option;
1) Color for Leaves Default is Lime Tree Green.
2) Color for branch, owl and monkeys. Default is BROWN.
3) Color for FLOWERS (set 1) and INITIAL. Default is Ice-blue.
4) Color for FLOWERS (set 2) and NAME. Default is Gentian Blue.
5) Color for Monkey, owl face is CREAM. 




_______________O U R  W A L L  D E C A L S ________________ 
All items are handmade(hand assembled). We use only HIGH QUALITY, LONGLASTING and ECO FRIENDLY German vinyl (no Chinese stickers or other harmfull material) covered with German transfer tape. So no worries - just JOY :) That is not all, our vinyls are fade resistant indoor and waterproof and look like a PAINT :)

All our decals are REMOVABLE (not reusable).

_______________B U Y  A N Y  D E C A L _______________
You can purchase any of the elements of any decal at our shop if you like. Just send me a request!

Wall's Tale Wall decals are high quality artwork.
All of Wall's Tale wall decal is designed and cut at home office.
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